How can I cancel my Gyminize Premium Subscription?

Cancelling your Gyminize Premium Subscription is very easy. You need to visit your iTunes Store Account page and manage your subscriptions from there. Follow this link:

If you’re not happy with your subscription, please let me know why. Your feedback could change how others perceive Gyminize and shape its future!

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What happens after I cancel my Gyminize Premium Subscription?

After you cancel your Gyminize Premium Subscription all your data is kept exactly as it is. Nothing will be deleted from your device. However you won’t be able to access your workout statistics, change your workout playlist or add any more workout plans. Furthermore you won’t be able to add any new photos if you have already added more than 10 photos. Your pinned statistics will not be removed from your Feed, the data however will be obscured.


What can I do without Gyminize Premium?

With the free version of Gyminize you are limited to one custom workout plan and adding 10 progress photos. Furthermore you cannot view any statistics, select a workout playlist or customize your feed.